Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear World Your Marshmellows Are Burning...


So yesterday while eating din-din I bit my tongue.
And not the, "Ouch I just bit my tongue."
More like the, "Holy crap I bit my tongue and its bleeding

and I think some skins missing."

Which is what happened.

So tonight we had Ni Hao for dinner.
(Thats Chinese food)

So heres some photos I've been promising.
I hope you enjoy.

The mug I made for dad.
And yes, it does say, " Brew For Balding Men."
Mug I made for mom.
And cha, it totally says, "Ellie Queen Bitch"
Tea set I made for mom. Japanese inspired.
It says "Peace"
The quartet of monsters.
I made them up in my head.
The baby monster.
I made this one for a professor who took ceramics with me.
Her name is Cathy, she teaches math, and shes awesome.

Isn't it adorable?
Looks like its singing don't it?
"La lala La LAAAAAA"

I absolutely love the wings on its back.Its Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear World of Christmas Koozies and New Years Fabrics...


Whats up guys? How was your Christmas break?
Mine was awesome. So.. finals...
I failed one class.
It was either fail Essentials or pass Math
I chose Pre-Algebra.
I passed Design with an A.
Ceramics with a B.
Pre-Algebra with a C.
And of course failed Essentials with an F.
So that means I'm on my term 1 probation.
(Which means I have to raise my GPA, it went below 2.0 its like 1.97 right now lol)
So I have to fix it during spring semester which is fine. Ill do my best.

Besides that Christmas rocked. (aside from a few arguments)
I made mom and dad their very own mugs.
Made mom a Tea Set. Its an aqua kind of blue (New Blue)
with wax resist to spell out 'peace' in Japanese.
She loved it.
I also got her a book called Evidence of Angels.
She didn't stop reading it til she was done.

I got dad a book on Bobby Bowden on how he built
a football dynasty. He has yet to read it but says all it
needs is Bobby's autograph.

Dad got mom a bunch of felting tools, wool and molds
to start herself on some new project.

Mom got dad Bubba J from Jeff Dunham :)
He wouldn't stop squeezing the poor doll just to hear it talk.

Mom and dad got me a Supernatural necklace. Its got the
guys photo on it. (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles)
The 67 Chevy Impala they drive and a pentagram for protection.
They also got me season 1 & 2 of Supernatural.
And a desk Easel for me to use for my art work.

Awesome right? Cha. I know it is.

So did I tell you the good news?
I ran for Vice President of GSA
I was nominated President
And won.

So I am now the President of GSA
(Gay-Straight Alliance)

Oh and Sammie is totally gonna move in with me.
Send her graphics work to Hollywood. Get all
Rich n Famous and have Jared Padalecki in her bed by tea time.
Freaking, genius plan, right?
Course it is, I thought it up.

So.. did I miss anything?
Leave anything out?

Oh I was accepted for the Work-Study program at Valencia.
Which means I work, get good grades and get paid for it =P I know I rule.

As for my new years resolution:
Lose 50-100 pounds.

So I hope every enjoyed their Christmas festivities.
Happy New Years everyone :)



"If the people we love are stolen from us,
The way to have them live on, is to remember them.
Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever."
-- The Crow

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear World Let Me Fill You In...


So let me fill you in on whats been going on.
(Yes I should be in bed.)

Alright, so, I belong to this club called GSA.
Gay-Straight Alliance
I love it. Its where I met all my incredible friends.
Yes there are straight people in our club.
Their all really awesome.

Two weeks ago we organized an event for Tra
ns-gender Remembrance Day.
It turned out really great 25 people showed up all together. Granted some couldn't stay for the entire event but that's okay. We had food and drinks and even watched two movies based on real life stories. One was called:
Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story
and the other was:
Boys Don't Cry

In the end we had a candle light vigil. Which was very beautiful by the way.

Right now I'm doing okay in Pre-Algebra and Essentials. I need to pass both with a C or higher. Pray for me.

Ceramics and Design class however couldn't be going more great. I love them.
These classes are all so great it makes me all happy inside just talking about them.

Thanksgiving was fulfilling as always. Loved it. It was my first official mom says cause I cooked for it. Mom and dad helped of course. Perfect little elves that they are =D

So in two weeks I'll be taking a bunch of final
s and I couldn't be anymore nervous than I am right now just thinking about it.

Newho I should really get to bed. Gotta be up at 8am. Class at 10am.
Sweet Dreams. Happy Holidays!


Ps. Sorry for being gone so long.

Catch up:
1) I turned 20 years old (Yikes!)
2) I didn't go to HHNs
3) I cooked Thanksgiving dinner
4) I made some awesome stuff in ceramics. (Pix will be up next post)
5) I have other yummy things to show you. (And no they did not come from Bubbs earwax eewwwwww)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear World of Taco Bell Lovers...


So, around 1am I ate some late night goodies from Taco Bell.
Twas good to say the least.
But good.

Took a Myers-Briggs personality test on facebook.
I got; ESFP cool huh?

This wont be a very long post.
Tell you the truth after eating that delicious food I'm more tired than ever.

So I'm co-writing this awesome story with Sammie.
So far we've got 12 pages written.

If I feel confident enough I'll post a page or two after I talk it over with Sammie.

Anywho. I'm going to bed.
I hope you all enjoy your day.
Have fun.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dear World of Froot Loops Lovers...


So by reading the title you can tell I've had Froot Loops this morning.
So freaking good.
I love cereal <3

So today Im awake pretty early.
Not my fault.. my dog Lil Bit launched himself on me like my body was the
pool and he just decided to do a canon ball.

Apparently he had to go to the bathroom and me sleeping was not a good thing.
Athena whole heartedly agreed even though she didnt have to go to the bathroom.
Yay me.

So now Im trying to decide how to do my hair and makeup cause I plan on dragging
dad to the stores today. I think its really imperative that we get the shopping done.
Besides I need new eyeliner. Mine has magically disappeared.
Whatever. So he'd awake right now but I'm going to wait til about 8am to go off to the stores.
Walmart, Winn-Dixie, maybe Walgreens if mom needs anything from there.
He also has to get a part for my drivers side window. It wont crank up -_-

Anywho I think Im done rambling on now.
Have to get all my stuff together, charge my phone and get dad rolling in about and hour and a half. So I hope ya'll have a great morning.


What did you all have for breakfast?
Did you do anything today thats worth mentioning?
Lemme know.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear World of Heavenly Hash...


So I was too tired to get on yesterday and say this then but I thought:
I'm up now so why the hell not!?

My brother AJ moved back to Tennessee and I could not be more over joyed.
The house is quiet. He's not getting up and slamming his door. Openning other doors
or disturbing the dogs by going into the kitchen and making a bunch of noise.

Yeah know, bailing him out with his lawyer cost me 700 dollars of my college tuition.
He's my brother. I wanted to help. But now that hes come, trashed our lives
and borrowed even more money from everyone down here.

I'd like to know. Where the hell is the money he's owed me since the beginning?
All I got was a lousy 100. 600 is still un-accounted for. So where is it?

My friend Jose has a friend named Kat. Well she got me and AJ free tickets to Universal AND Islands of Adventure (IOA). What did AJ do the entire time? He complained. About everything.
Kat never once asked AJ for anything ever she actually took to him. Why I have no idea.
Then again she didnt grow up with him. A week later she called his phone a few times. He ignored her. Jose Imed me asking if we wanted to go to the beach with Kat and him. That she really wanted to see AJ again. AJ said no that shes just using him. REALITY CHECK. He used her. For the tickets. And in the end she just wanted to get to know him better and eventually possibly ask him out. But like always AJ never thinks. Never cares. Never will.

I'm done rambling. If I keep talking about him itll only piss me off.
And today I am happy. Today I'm gonna spend a few hours at Joses house, watch a couple of movies and goof off. Then come home, chat with Sammie and crash.

Some quotes I love:
"Most people will never know anything beyond what they see with their own two eyes." -Nightcrawler, X2: X-men United

"You are a great champion. When you ran, the ground shook, the sky opened and mere mortals parted. Part of the way to victory, where you'll meet me in the winner's circle, where I'll put a blanket of flowers on your back." -Dreamer, Dakota Fanning.

Goodnight, Radio


Ps. Part at Joses house in celebration tonight.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear World of Improved Fabric for Minimal Shrinkage...


How are ya'll doin today?
I'm great. I went to bed early this morning at 5:30am.
So today Im staying up to get my sleeping schedule back on track.

Today I have decided to jam to some awesome music
while writing a new story.

And if I dont run into any writers block I promise to post the first chapter.
I know I don't talk about my writing alot mostly cause art has temporarily
taken my body over but Im not even talking about that too much now am I?
Hm. Gonna have to fix all that.

OH! I am also going to start the sketch for the mural Im creating for my wall.
Kinda like a really big headboard art.
Im so excited!

And Im on my third glass of metabolism boosting water.. stuff.
Lol Im getting wired off of water. How cool is that?

Ho-kay so!
What else am I doing?
Oh yes I'd like to say that the song
"Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester.
Is so totally freaking awesome it rocks my socks.
I dont even have any socks. Lost em all. I think the dryer ate them.

Ho-kay back on track.
Close one on the whole psycho-loves-water, eh?

So currently Im looking for a job here in beautiful Orlando, Florida.
Too bad nobodys hiring cause of the economy. Lol.
Sucks for me. Hehe.

Sammie (my best friend) is going to a concert tonight.
Which leaves me here alone. With the parental units.
And Jose. LMFAO. How crazy is that?
I really need to find moms video camera and make a video of Jose and me.
Its like.. an old married couple without the actual marriage.
When we grow old we shall use our walkers as star wars lightsabers.
Chewie! Guuuuuurllllllllll.
Ohyeah. we're badass.
Oh hell I said ass. Oh did it again. Sh.

Ha. I really need to lay off.. well.. of everything cause apparently
majority of beverages and foods make me hyper. Or sleepy. hm.

So Im thinking of taking random pictures of people with bad taste in fashion
And possibly making a blog out of it. Fun right?
Oh or a blog about movies or music. Critisize em and what not.

In't that a kick in your nuts spit down your throat fantastic idea?

Yeah.. ya know what I think I like the movie/or music idea. Imma go do that.


Favorite songs at the moment:
Hear Me Now by Framing Hanley
Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester
Save You by Simple Plan

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dear World I'd Like To Know...


When a guy says: "I promise I'll come back to you."

And comes home on leave.

Then why is it he wont make time to be with you?

What does it mean?

Is it me or was it a lie?

Did he mean it or is it just some cruel joke?

Did his version of 'I promise I'll come back to you.' mean something totally different from what you thought it meant?

You make plans to see each other, but every phone call as you get closer and closer to the deadline become more and more complicated until finally he's stuck to his friends with alcohol as the glue.

When is it okay to put yourself out there?

And if its not then why cant this guy just be straight forward, cut you loose and save you from future heartache?

Please let me know what you all think.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear World I <3 Vampires...


So I've been watching this incredibly awesome show.
Its on
And its called I <3 Vampires.
It stars 4 people.
The two main characters are Corbin and Luci.
Their obsessed with vampires and totally in love with them.
Wyatt is their next door neighbor college drop-out.
Although he's very handsome.

Anyways I can't give too much information.
Yes I know I didn't mention the fourth character
but if I do I'll be giving away too much.
You'll just have to go check it out for yourselves.
Trust me you'll love it.

And did I mention that the people who watch it (the fans)
choose what happens in the show? Yeah, the fans are the directors.
After every episode theres a challenge.
And thats when you submit your ideas and are eligible to win prizes.

This weeks prize is a 300 gift card for Urban Outfitters.
Now the people who actually film and produce the show choose the winner.
But the person who submits a story that the fans like also wins a prize (this week its a 50 dollar american express gift check.)
But sadly their story wont get used in that episode because
its not the fans choice to pick its the shows choice.
And there can only be one grand prize winner.

Either way its pretty cool and fun.
Hope you'll sign up and submit your submission.
Only 2 days left to enter.
And yes its free!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear World I've Decided Something...

Hey Ya'll!

Okay, I love the photos I posted up earlier today.
They look incredible and full of character and wit.


I've decided that my walls are a little too.. bland.
They need some serious spicing up.


This is whats going to happen.
I'm going to paint a mural on my wall(s) inspired by family, things I like, Asian products
and Graffiti but if anyone would like to give me some ideas or tips that would be greatly appreciated.

I love art, its always been my thing but this time(and probably in the future as well)
I'm asking for help on this one. Its a doozey and I'll need all the help, inspiration, tips and ideas I can get to make my room look like the incredible sanctuary I know it can be.

Things Ive already decided to paint:
Japanese words
Family members
My best friend Sammie
A bear or two

Got some ideas for me? Then hit me up on here or at my email:

Get back at me.


Dear World...

Hey Ya'll
Here's the pictures that are a month over due.
This is Bubba J--my robo dwarf hamster.
He doesn't like his photo being taken except by mom.
He more often then not runs away from me -_-
Which is incredibly annoying.
But isnt he just the cutest damned thing ya ever did see?
Fat Louie has returned from his vacation. Seen here sunbathing.
Heres Fat Louie pictured climbing a steep unstable tree in none other than the backyard--where he took his vacation.Fat Louie would like to express the fact that the dogs look utterly pathetic standing at the fence and barking. But he applauds their efforts none the less.

Fat Louie about to hang out with his buddies--the Rotties
He played with Athena and told her some secrets and jokes.He got special protection from Raccoon.
Raccoon also wondered: Does Fat Louie not have legs? Or is he wearing a giant robe to hide them under?
Raccoon is happy to have a new friend. Raccoon--ever watchful. Raccoon says: I can has cheeseburger?! He then got sniffed by ZZTop. Who admired his unique scent. Fat Louie then fell down and Speedy gave him
a couple overs to make sure hes okay.
Now that he's been checked and confirmed to be fine.. Fat Louie would like to know why the hell Speedy is licking her lips. This is LT aka Big Head aka Little Thor "LT". And he is happy to see you. Yes. You. Not not you. The one with the taco. Yes! YOU! This is Lil Bit. Bathing outside in the sun and showing off his tonuge and the enormous fun that is him. He said to say: What is up my homie G dawg? Athena says Hiya! In't she cute?! Fat Louie would like to go inside now. He has seen enough nature. Getting his photo taken with AJ like the paparazzi on Britney Spears. Fat Louie chilling in the recliner wrapped in moms Gator blanket and sunglasses getting ready to watch a high definition movie on Dish Network. Hope ya'll enjoyed seeing Fat Louie again. Cause he sure missed you. So I've got to go make dinner now.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear World of Apple Pie and 66 Risings...

I'm sorry I haven't been posting or been around that much.
Things have happened, college got hectic and life slipped away from me.

Let me tell you a little bit about whats been going on.

I failed Algebra. Again. For the second time.

I'll have to retake the class. (Yes that means its required)

BUT! Financial Aid is no longer an option.

No I do not need to tell you the reason that's my business.

I would like to take out loans but I don't have a job and
I do not want to disappoint anyone when I cannot afford to pay them back when the time
finally calls for it.

Fat Louie went on vacation. He's back now. (Yay!)

He got a tan. (Pictures will be up soon.)

Supernatural is incredible.
If you watch it (which I highly recommend that you should)

You should know by now that its totally and completely--amazing.

Bubba J is alive and well. Hes sleeping right now.

Lazy bum.

I passed my drawing class.
I don't know about Freshman Composition tho.
Still waiting.
For both of them to give me word on my grades.

I realized that I never finish what I start.

Like, my senior scrap book. I entered two pages and stopped.

My room, had a few things to pick up left em alone and now its
to its disaster stage again. Who'da thunk right?

Nature Photography went great.

Loved it. Loved everything about it.
Yes I will post pictures soon.

I've got to put my signature in them so nobody takes em first!

Anywho, I haven't been to bed yet so!
I will end
my rant here and continue some other time.

Heres some links to find me at:
(Yes I have facebook, just type in

Have fun.

Rawk on.