Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dear World of Froot Loops Lovers...


So by reading the title you can tell I've had Froot Loops this morning.
So freaking good.
I love cereal <3

So today Im awake pretty early.
Not my fault.. my dog Lil Bit launched himself on me like my body was the
pool and he just decided to do a canon ball.

Apparently he had to go to the bathroom and me sleeping was not a good thing.
Athena whole heartedly agreed even though she didnt have to go to the bathroom.
Yay me.

So now Im trying to decide how to do my hair and makeup cause I plan on dragging
dad to the stores today. I think its really imperative that we get the shopping done.
Besides I need new eyeliner. Mine has magically disappeared.
Whatever. So he'd awake right now but I'm going to wait til about 8am to go off to the stores.
Walmart, Winn-Dixie, maybe Walgreens if mom needs anything from there.
He also has to get a part for my drivers side window. It wont crank up -_-

Anywho I think Im done rambling on now.
Have to get all my stuff together, charge my phone and get dad rolling in about and hour and a half. So I hope ya'll have a great morning.


What did you all have for breakfast?
Did you do anything today thats worth mentioning?
Lemme know.


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