Thursday, November 18, 2004


Today was a good day.. even tho Tuesday wasnt.. this guy Nick in my 5th period class (science) always bugs me.. annoys me to death and claims his friends like me, love me, have mucles when really they dont.. its so pathetic.. well on Tues. he decided he was gonna be a total pervert and draw somethin on a note.. his friend that sits next to me handed me the note and said: this is what nick wants to do with u or do to me.. i said: rather not and flicked it off of my desk without lookin cuz i was sick of Nick always harrassin me durin class.. a guy infront of me named Jimmy picked up the note, looked at it said: Ow man thats disgustin! so i kno it was something sick and perverted.. but i didnt pay attention cuz i was more interested in the days lesson and would rather ignore Nick.. after class when all that was left was me a friend and my teacher Mr.Wolfe.. i went up to him told him i'm sick of Nick.. he agreed and i told him what Nick had done.. he said next time he does that to give him the note without sayin anything and Nicks life would become a whole lot more interesting.. with that i left.. on Wed. i stayed home because i just didnt want to have to deal with Nick and myparents agreed.. today Thurs. i feel sick so i'm stayin home again.. plus its like 4:40am.. whats the point with only 1hr of rest?.. i wont even wake up in time.. and i'm doing great in all my classes so my grades wont go down.. which is very good.. yay.. lol.. so aside from Nicks harrassin my lifes great amazing and wicked..oh and Bo has a very sick.. sick mind lol  but thats for a different entry.. ok.. well ill post more later.. bai!


Sunday, November 14, 2004


This has been such a wicked week. I went bk into public schooling so i'm in highschool now! :D I cant wait until Monday! It'll be fun..ill write more soon.. ok.. going to bed now.. bai!