Thursday, November 18, 2004


Today was a good day.. even tho Tuesday wasnt.. this guy Nick in my 5th period class (science) always bugs me.. annoys me to death and claims his friends like me, love me, have mucles when really they dont.. its so pathetic.. well on Tues. he decided he was gonna be a total pervert and draw somethin on a note.. his friend that sits next to me handed me the note and said: this is what nick wants to do with u or do to me.. i said: rather not and flicked it off of my desk without lookin cuz i was sick of Nick always harrassin me durin class.. a guy infront of me named Jimmy picked up the note, looked at it said: Ow man thats disgustin! so i kno it was something sick and perverted.. but i didnt pay attention cuz i was more interested in the days lesson and would rather ignore Nick.. after class when all that was left was me a friend and my teacher Mr.Wolfe.. i went up to him told him i'm sick of Nick.. he agreed and i told him what Nick had done.. he said next time he does that to give him the note without sayin anything and Nicks life would become a whole lot more interesting.. with that i left.. on Wed. i stayed home because i just didnt want to have to deal with Nick and myparents agreed.. today Thurs. i feel sick so i'm stayin home again.. plus its like 4:40am.. whats the point with only 1hr of rest?.. i wont even wake up in time.. and i'm doing great in all my classes so my grades wont go down.. which is very good.. yay.. lol.. so aside from Nicks harrassin my lifes great amazing and wicked..oh and Bo has a very sick.. sick mind lol  but thats for a different entry.. ok.. well ill post more later.. bai!


Sunday, November 14, 2004


This has been such a wicked week. I went bk into public schooling so i'm in highschool now! :D I cant wait until Monday! It'll be fun..ill write more soon.. ok.. going to bed now.. bai!


Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Hey pplz sorry for not posting but we lost the net cuz the phone got shut off, turned bk on, aol cancled our dsl network so we switched to bellsouth dsl.. so its ok..i dont like Internet Explorer.. it sux..big time.. well ill post more lata bai all mwahness


Sunday, October 3, 2004


I'm soooooooooooo sorry i havent been postin.. got tangled up in life :D.. my parents have been teasin me on the whole learners.. i wanna get it i do.. but i have to read that pathetic book.. its just the basics of drivin.. right only left only medians intersections blah blah blah..but um other then that lifes been good..ill fill u in later.. mkay nuh nite! goin to bed i am sooooooo tired!!


Thursday, September 23, 2004


This is Kelli aka Kellz.. one of my besties who was born and raised in Australia... shes outta town for a few days and i miss her!.. i'm friggin bored.. nobody to talk to:( See we planned this whole Roadtrip like.. 4 months bk.. with me my mom, her and another friend in Australia named Allana.. they have to get $2,000 each and me and my mom have to buy a black or red Jeep Wrangler.. I found a small dealership who have several Jeep Wranglers... one problem.. I have no drivers license and no money.. I dont have a job so i cant exactly buy the Jeep.. atleast not yet.. and I dont wanna have to pospone on them or even cancel cuz then they'd be upset and disappointed and I really dont want that.. i'm cravin for this roadtrip.. I need it to tell the truth.. time to bond with my best friends and mom even tho me and my mom are unseperable... my mom and dad are good with this roadtrip..but my dads got sum messed up memory.. i've told him about it a million times and he says no its not ok to have this roadtrip.. that I should wait til i'm like 20.. but my mom wont be around that long..and i'd like to show her the world before shes taken from me.. see.. she has COPD.. its a lung cancer basically.. and.. the more time that I dont get the money I need is the more pieces of her are taken day by day.. and it kills me.. so.. hopefully.. my aunt will be able to pay me soon and I can start savin up.. becuz I watch her son.. my cuzzin for 5 bucks a day.. altho i'm thinkin of raisin the price to 10 dollars a day.. its a good deal..  :P ok wish me luck on this whole thing.. ladaz


Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Ok.. I'll make this short as I can cuz i'm tired and gotta take my cuzzin to the bus stop.. 3 days recap - Birthday went great.. got tons of happy birthdays from friends, family and bf so I was a happy camper.. on Monday I wished my friend Aram a happy birthday he turned 18 so happy for him.. on Tuesday I just kicked bk and relaxed cuz there was nothing better to do so yeah lol.. alrite.. I got coffee to put on and soda to get ice for and a cuzzin to take to the bus.. then bed :D been awake for 12 hrs so I need it lol laterz! and btw sorry for not postin for 3 days :( didnt mean 2 got caught up in life :P ok bai!


Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Happiness, Sadness & Pain I Feel

I have 5 mins until my birthday.. but.. do u ever feel as if.. some parts of ur family have turned there bks on u?. like they could care less that its ur b-day?.. well.. s'how I feel.. my aunt has left earlier today for the weekend and personally.. I hate her for it.. I'd never miss her b-day or Anthonys.. i'm sick of her excuses.. i'm tired of her period.. my parents have decided to kick her out and i'm all for it.. she doesnt even pay rent.. we support her and lately shes shoved our phone bill up beyound belief.. I'm holding so much pain inside of me.. She's just like my biologicals fathers side of the family.. shes just like them.. useless and disappointing.. we've given her everything.. asked for nothin in return but that she help out with the house.. she's done nothing.. shocker hm?.. she may have planned my 12 b-day.. but missing my 15th.. kills me.. she didnt even remember.. my friends remembered.. ones who have went to bed wished me a happy b-day and ones who have yet to come on promised me they'd sing for me.. others said they'd be the first to send me a e-card.. good friend huh?.. my mom and dad remembered.. my bros remembered.. but she didnt.. and it hurts.. i dont need presents.. or a fancy dinna to show they remembered.. I just need a happy b-day from them..or a card.. even a card they made will do.. but nothing at all break my heart.. she'll never know how truly much she hurt me.. she'll never know what its like to be forgotten.. so I thank all my friends and family who remembered me on my special day.. and I say thanks alot to my aunt and the rest of her family.. for absolutely nothing.. all the birthdays missed.. all the holidays passed by.. and all the luv unshowed.. u never know any1 until ur darkest of days do they truly show there true side when u need them the most.. wishme luck on my special day becuz thats all I have left to say


Thursday, September 16, 2004


My birthday is in 3 days! :D I'm so excited.. maybe I can convince my parents to take me to my Grandparents house for swimmin.. or.. maybe bowling.. or out to eat :P Wish me luck :) Btw.. what did u all get me for my b-day? :D



I feel so sick to my stomach.. Dogs R drivin me nuts..Pups r killin me.. I have to get my cuzzin ready and out to the bus stop.. I'm not even gettin paid for this by my aunt.. she says shes got bills to pay and when there paid is when she'll be able to pay me.. but how can she do that when she doesnt even have a job?.. and goin to a contruction site each day liftin metal around doesnt bloody count..thats not a stable job..thats not even a career.. she only gets about 20 to 30 bucks a day.. I mean what the heck? thats not even good pay.. I have to get my cuz out there for the next 4 woken up by my aunt at 4 am b4 she goes to work.. wake my cuzzin up at 7 get him out there at 7:30 and expect not to be tired of very needed sleep. *sigh* I'm gonna go..laterz


Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Sorry I didnt put in a entry yesterday.. arm was hurttin and I was just 2 tired..I got a cell phone yesterday for my b-day.. it was a early present  tho from my parents..its so kool! It glows this wicked blue..It has txtin.. and its prepaid so I dont have to pay for anything except the mins :) Its also got games :P moms jealous of that cuz she has no games on hers.. she'd have to download them and that costs money. Arms better :D so yeah.. neways gonna go gotta hang with my cuz and entertain him.. so have fun guys


Monday, September 13, 2004

Tired And In Pain

I messed my arm up yesterday in my sleep.. so.. I cant bend.. nor str8in it which so sucks.. hurts to type right now.. and at times it hurts from my elbow to my wrist that adds more pain.. so ill make this short.. havent seen Bo yet :( and I a tired to the bone so.. I'm gonna go to bed nuh nite


Saturday, September 11, 2004


Mom was a cheerleader!!!.. my gawd!.. I mean.. do u have ANY idea what that does to my gothicness?!.. it messes it up!.. my mom.. jumpin around in a bloody skirt wavin her pom-poms.. and at a cathlic skool 2!.. dear lord what the heck was she thinkin?!.... *sigh*.. she also told me that she was watchin a chip commercial and she wasnt payin attention but she bit her finger.. but.. c'mon guys a friggin cheerleader!!.. there so... preppy.. and ugh.. pink.. and OMG!'s.. its like.. ew.. and whats wit there hair?... and there nails?.. cathlic skool!.. can u believe it.. i mean.. what the heck were they cheerin for??.. ping-pong??.. GEEZ!.. i'm done whinnin.. ok.. yeah.. goin now.



Like my kitty?.. hes so cute and chubby.. maybe I should feed him.. hm.. yeah.. Ate pizza.. my favorite food :P Puppies had fun today.. they attacked me and the other dogs.. chewed on there stuffed toyz and fell asleep.. My mom also has a journal online the link is on the side bar if u'd like to check it out.. It's kool.. atleast I think so.. I'm doing a report on Greek Gods.. Aphrodite is my favorite Goddess.. She's the goddess of Love.. and thats one powerful gift.. as I always say.. Life Without Love Is Not A Life At All.. one of my fav quotes.. like it?.. thnx didnt kno ya had it in ya :P Neways.. Pups r up and feedin.. gonna go play with them.. well have fun.


Friday, September 10, 2004

Missing Him

*sigh* Missing Bo big time, hes got a gig outta town for a few days..think hes gonna be bk tonite..maybe tomorrow mornnin I didnt keep track.. Hes so kool, he plays guitar but refuses to teach me.. he said its better to teach myself :( plus i dont have a guitar, mom wont let me get one.. there over $60..ugh.. ok getting tired.. i'm gonna go to bed now.. bye


Just Lookin

Today mom and dad and maybe me r going to the bank to cash moms check, then we'll prolly go out to eat.. the birds are annoyin me to death, my b-days in 9 days! *bouncin round* tehe yayness! cant wait.. luckily i didnt ask my brother Eric what he was gonna get me for my b-day cuz.. if i did i'd prolly get mooned again lol... but my bro Allen said hes thinkin.. i knew i smelt hair burnnin :P Andy Roddick lost at the open :'( so he doesnt get to defend his title soooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Over it now lol ^_^ Um got homework to do :( its not fair.. lol I thought doin homework was ova when u got into homeskoolin but I guess not lol.. been homeskooled since 7th grade.. lets put it this way.. 2 many kids and only one teacher.. not enough one-on-one attention. I'm hungry.. think ill bug mom so i can go with them to the bank and go out to eat :D Ok I had my fun on my first entry..lataz