Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear World The Donuts Have Been Made...


So, tonight I have a date.

Which is actually my first date, ever.
His name is Joseph but he goes by Joe
but I can't call him that just yet, too weird.
Guess I'll call him Artie, which is his nickname.

We're meeting up at
the college so I'm pretty excited.
We're going to watch my friend
perform in this Opera themed performance.

After that we're going to Denny's
to get some coffee and maybe some food.

Anyways, just thought I'd keep you updated.

Oh and my brother AJ moved back home.
Which is nice,

I'm going to finish laundry now.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear World Your Ugly Side Is Showing...


So yesterday I was talking to a close friend.
(Note: Everyone will remain anonymous in this post.)
Now, this friend, who we will call "A"
has known me for 2 years, 3 at the most.
We've confined in each other, not always because we needed to talk.
But also because we both know neither of us will tell anyone.

Now, A, told me yesterday in a undisclosed location
that another friend (mutual to us both), who we will call "B" said that
an ex friend of both A and I(who we will call F) had said our advisor for our club
was mad at me. Yes, this did catch me off guard. As she would have
no reason to be mad at me in the first place.
A also told me that B and F had been talking about me behind my back.
Saying such things like: "She won't be President of GSA any longer, she's not good enough, she doesn't work hard enough."

Well, it seems to me that B needs to be permanently removed as my friend.
Seeing as how friends do not talk about one another behind the others backs.
Especially with someone who made the others life turn upside down.

A divulged further when she told me how she had a sneaking suspicion F would run against me in the upcoming election for GSA President. Which I already knew. But I'm still going to win.
A also said that B had said I don't work hard enough for everything I have. B said I'm lazy and sit on my ass all day on the computer at work, which isn't true.
B also said that him and F work harder than me because they have 5 classes this summer while I only have 2.

I had 4 classes in the spring, worked AND ran GSA as PRESIDENT.
What have you done? Nothing.
Yes I admit, I complain. But I have every right to complain.
I work my ass off for everything I have, for the people I love, for the friends by my side. Unlike your petty ass I don't quit.

So B, you got a job. Cleaning. Didn't get paid what you wanted to so you quit.
OMFG, do you know how many people are out there struggling, trying to find jobs that pay ANYTHING just so they have a steady check coming in twice a month?!
Your so damned lazy!
You complain all the time!
You don't pay bills, you don't drive, you don't buy your own groceries, you don't support other people. Everyone does everything for you.

And as for F, she can leave me alone too.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear World of Grilled Cheese Lovers...


Today I nearly cried.

Why, you might ask?


I came into work and was ushered
into the Student Services offices from 10:30am
til 1pm trying to get help.

They sent me an email yesterday
telling me my classes were going to be deleted
and that I owed the college money for a non-compliant course.

It took them until 1pm
to finally go through my account and see that they
had never deactivated my AA Fine Arts while I was
seeking my AS Graphic Design :)

Which makes me a Double Major <3

Therefore, I owe them nothing.
But they sure as fudge owe me something.

I won't know how much I'm getting back until
next week which is fine. I cannot wait :)

Going home now.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear World I'm Afraid of The Dark...


20 minutes ago, I headed off to bed, went to the front door like I usually do to make sure it's locked and that nobody is outside.

Though this time, someone was. I thought it was dad heading back to his truck (b/c all I saw was the silhouette of someones back) well I saw their cell phone was lit up, yet dads cell phone is tiny and the screen is the size of a quarter, this screen looked like the size of an iPhone.

So I called dad to check where he was at (meanwhile I hid around the corner out of sight from the window) as the man moved from view and dad thankfully picked up.

Me: Dad where are you?
Dad: Near I-4 why?
Me:.....Because somebody just walked across our yard.
Dad: From the corner to cut across?
Me: No.. like they were at our windows and doors.
Dad: When did you see them?
Me: 2 seconds ago. I saw them, thought it was you like maybe you got locked out, and decided to call you and check..
Dad: Alright well you got the dogs there, they won't let nobody in, just go to your room, turn out the light and scan the yard I'll be home soon
Me: Alright, but dad that really scared me
Dad: I know just keep the dogs near you.
Me: Alright, bye.

Now. If you saw some strange figure, walking away from your house, how the hell would you feel?
I don't know about you, but I'm still shaking.

Dads on the phone again and wants me to go outside and check out the perimeter of the house. Screw. That.

I need a giant teddy bear, a shot of Jack Daniels, and the nearest kick of a gun in order to have enough calmed nerves to even attempt doing that.

I hate the freaking dark!
I'm scared of the dark.
I'm scared of spiders and damn-it I'm scared of freaky-deaky lurking larky figures stalking the perimeter of my house!

It doesn't make me feel safe. Not one bit!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear World Have You Seen The Sky...


How is everyone's morning?

Mine sucks.
But only because I'm up so early :)

I am making money for being up this early
so I guess it has it's plus side.

Today I'm going to be
helping Sheryl with Orientation packets
which is always fun.

It keeps me busy and makes me feel like
I'm earning my paycheck especially when the days are so slow.
(Like today when none of us Work-Studys are even scheduled to work)
None of us even work on Fridays. Hm.

Well, good thing I am.
I'll get my 20 hours this week and feel like I've earned it :)

Back to work.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear World The Sun Is Shining...


How is everyone's week going?
Cause mine is going great!

Today I'm going to be making more
cookie jars than I will know what to do with.
And tomorrow I shall take over the world!
Not really but cha.
Tomorrow me and mom are supposed to be going to see
Despicable Me (hence the yellow font for the Minions)

Aren't they adorable?
Anyways, she is supposed to be preparing herself to go.
And when we go, I will buy her Jujubes Candy

And a giant bucket of popcorn with the drink of her choice!

And then we will come home and I'll stick her feet in epsom salt cause I know she'll be hurting but damn it she'll be happy about it!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!