Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear World of Grilled Cheese Lovers...


Today I nearly cried.

Why, you might ask?


I came into work and was ushered
into the Student Services offices from 10:30am
til 1pm trying to get help.

They sent me an email yesterday
telling me my classes were going to be deleted
and that I owed the college money for a non-compliant course.

It took them until 1pm
to finally go through my account and see that they
had never deactivated my AA Fine Arts while I was
seeking my AS Graphic Design :)

Which makes me a Double Major <3

Therefore, I owe them nothing.
But they sure as fudge owe me something.

I won't know how much I'm getting back until
next week which is fine. I cannot wait :)

Going home now.


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