Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear World Of Veterans Past...

Today I honor the heroes.
The past, present and future.

The total number of deaths includes:
9.7 million military personnel and about 6.8 million civilians.

In WWII The total number of deaths:Over 60 million people were killed.

In the Iraq War:
As of May 28, 2010 there were 4,404 dead
and 31,827
wounded in action (WIA).

My Papa
, fought in World War II.
More specifically, he fought in Pearl Harbor.

His ship was the USS Bataan.

He's was awarded several medals.
One of them being the Purple Heart.
My Papa, didn't like discussing the war.
He was a very secluded person when it came to that.
I guess the war was far too much for him to recount to others.

However, when I was a kid, I remember one day
me and Papa were standing near the pool at his old house whenI got up the courage to ask him about the war.
He only told me that he had been shot several times
and in turn awarded the Purple Heart.

He got rid of all things war.
His medals.
His uniform.
His papers.
I guess it hurt too much.

Today is about remembering him.
Remembering his sacrifice.
His life.

Remembering him.
For who he was.
A veteran.
A hero.
My hero.

I miss you, Papa.
And I think about you everyday.

And for all the other veterans who served.
I thank you.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear World I Don't Know If You've Heard..

I hope dear world..
that you are still listening.
Life has been good.
I've traveled through space and time and ended up
in San Francisco.
It was amazing I promise.
The photos are timeless and the memories are sweet.
I'm sorry I've been MIA.
But sometimes life is just too much fun to
possibly think of words to describe it.
I got a job as a work-study in the Answer Center.
The people are nice, yet total dorks. :)
So I started a diet.
I hope it works.
I gotta be able to have that beach bod everyone is always talking about.
Flaunt it if you've got it. Right?
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki both got married.
Too bad Jensen didn't marry me.
I'm writing a new story :)
It's going to be ginormous and epicly awesome.
I promise.
Fat Louie didn't get to come with me to San Fran, I kinda lost him.
But it's okay cause I found him a couple days after I got back!
Dunno where he's been but he feels better now that he's back.
is it me or does Eminem make you wanna bust a move?
Cha. Bust. A. Move.
So GSA is now trying to get a chance this coming year to go to New York.
And one of my GSA members said their going to run against me
when I try to run for re-election.
Honestly, I love being President.
I'm good at it. I'm REALLY good at it.
Pray for me.
Liz asked if i would house sit and dog sit her place while her and
Marilyn go out of town for two weeks.
I'm excited, and I would love to do it.
First: Approval from the parental units. AKA Mommy and Dad.
Second: License.
Third: Insurance.
No problem.
I'm getting my license tomorrow.
I can pay dad $120 for two months of insurance.
Apparently I only cost $60 bucks a month extra for insurance.
Awesome right?
And today I get paid.
I love getting paid.
I love working here.
I don't think Eudenice (a girl I work with
Whos also a work-study) likes me.
I think she kinda hates me.
And if she does like me
then she has an odd way of showing it.
Katie and Amal like me. :)
They talk to me without attitude or stink eyes or
snap-happy remarks.
Anyways, off that topic onto a new one.
I'm not really hungry right now. Which is weird.
I guess its the pills kicking in.
I'll eat in about an hour. Maybe I'll be hungry then.
I'll post pictures of everything I've got next time.
Anyways, think I'll just go back to writing my story.
Talk to you later next time world.