Saturday, November 5, 2005


Oh yeah.. and my birthday passed.. it was on Sept. 19th.. I'm sorry for not keeping up with my journal.. but life and school are both very hectic and by the time i get time alone or get home.. i sleep becuz i'm so exhausted.. i finally found sum time to chill and type on here cuz i have nothing better to do and I cant go to Sherris cuz there prolly packin and i dont wanna delay them... by the way (btw) i'm 16 now.. yay me right? *throws confetti*




Yep.. Its official. My best friend Sherrion has to move away.. from Hurricane Magnet Florida to Snowy Georgia.. *Sigh* Says she'll write and call everynight and send mail and everything but its hard ya know? Who's gonna eat lunch with me now and stop ppl from picking on me? She was my only friend (seriouly) I have nobody but her at school. Now all I got is a fist full of ppl that dont like me.. teachers that annoy me and a school that seriously SUCKS! *Sigh* Neways.. Hopefully it'll all work out and my last 2 yrs will fly by.. Lada.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Catching Up..

Ok. To the entry about Aram. No we arent friends any longer. He said some things that.. ended it all.

He used me.. said he cared.. that he'd keep my secrets and never hurt me. Well.. what a load of crap that was. I thought he was my friend but he just ended up being a jerk. He told my best friend Shae that he didnt want anything to do with a redneck lil yankee girl. And I have proof she sent me the convo right after it happened. Needless to say me and him will never speak again.

Ok.. bk to reality.. lada.


Just Breathe...

I'm sorry I havent been here.. that I havent kept up with this Journal but school has started back up and i've been quite busy. First off: Say a prayer every night for those victims of hurricane Katrina's wrath.. they didnt deserve it. Send money.. even if its just spare change.. c'mon ppl spare money its not gonna put u on the streets if u do so stop being so dang selfish. Second: My birthday is on Monday Sept 19th. Yay. I get to go out to dinner this week with my parents and friends to celebrate. Thirdly: School's been a blast, my friends are there and I joined this wicked club for anime. It rawks muh sawks. I've written some poetry and i'm starting my story again. I may even post them on here.. not like anyone comments but atleast I kno ur taking time out of ur boring lives to visit this Journal. If u happen to find some intrest in this then please leave a message and dont worry I wont be holding my breath.

I'm not a silent person, I'm very outspoken, if u have a problem with that take it up with my sidekicks Casper the Friendly Ghost and Badtz Maru. Right now i'd like to catch u up on past events. I am currently a sophmore at TCHS. I hate that its got puprle in the school colors but thats not the point. My bumbble bee bear has been chewed and is dirty due to the puppies curiosity. My cd case is a bit bare and I'm running out of room in my poem book. My grades are ok, altho Biology and Spanish could use a bit work. There F's but dont fret for I shall raise them and pass 10th grade. My rooms a pig pen and my hair could use a bit work but thats ok. Its stuffy in here and I have a hunch the A/C has frozen. The dogs are sleeping and the cats are getting on my nerves what with them wanting to sleep on my ass and neck and what not.

My papa and nana moved down with my other half family and miss me and my mum very much. My brothers are twenty and still act like lil kids when it comes to my mum. I got engaged over the summer to my friend Joshyz online cuz he lives up north and then we broke it off cuz it was better to be friends then to be friends with matching gold and silver rings slapped onto ur fingers. Aunt Dot passed away and I miss her very much. I hope Stretch and Shelia are doing well.. after all it is there mother. Wow, I think this is by far the longest Journal entry I have ever had. Hm, hope you learn to enjoy it. Neways, i'm getting sum heart-burn right now so imma grab me sum Rolaids and hang with the mumzy. Lada.


P.S. Tell the ppl u care that u love them everyday. Dont forget the occasional gifts and special kodak moments. BTW: Spend ur kids inheritence... they can make there own money workin at McDonalds complainning how much there backs hurt and that there under paid. Bye!

Friday, July 15, 2005

He Likes Me..

Ok ppl.. I'm starting my journal bk up.. so yay! Lol. Neways.. I kno this great guy (i've dated him b4) Neways he still likes me.. always has i'm guessing. He wants to come here to Florida to hang with me and my parents isnt that so kool? Hes 18.. graduated High School already (I have 2 yrs left, not counting this yr). His name is Jackie (He doesnt tell many ppl that lol I feel for him) He has a stable job but no car yet. His parents... well I never met them but whatever. Hes got a sister and a niece whos blind, says he'd do anythin for that girl omg thats so cute. Lol. I just called him J or JD('Jackie Dean' Groff Jr). Hes really sweet 2.. he may look all thug and punk like but hes got a heart of gold when it comes to someone he cares about. Ok.. Imma go.. leave sum comments bout this if u want.. ttyl!


Saturday, June 25, 2005

So So So So Sorry!

Yesterday, Was great. And I kno I havent been writing at all. But I have a good reason ppl! Its Summer!! And I am so sooooooooooooooooorry that I didnt keep up w/ my Journal, but a girl like me needs a break from hectic annoying times so I took a break :D. I'm remodeling my room and its coming along great! (I'll have an update pic up soon so dont worry!) Wow, I am never this giddy.. Lol My friends b-day is 2day and i'm hoping my dad will agree to take me. Well.. I gotta go he'll be home soon and I need to work on my conning skills! Ttyl guys! Much Luv Always. -Crys-Luv-

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


2 days left of school! WOOHOO! lol. I cant say much.. i needa goto bed since its almost 11pm.. i got finals and gotta get up early.. lada!


Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Okay.. Today was Okay.. i'm to tired right now.. to write much so ill sum it up. Skool: fine grades: good classes for next yr: great friends: there fine me: ill be okay.. parents and family: there fine as well.. Lada ppl.. ill write 2morrow hopefully.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I never write in pink but today i think to myself: 'Why not?' so yay. Neways.. I didnt go to school becuz i was awaiting the results of my dads CT scan for lung cancer. It came bk clear, hes fine. Yay. When mom heard, she grabbed my hand and cried. I felt bad becuz it was such a stressful week for her. Worrying and all. Today i just missed the bus and dad didnt take me to school. So yeah. Neways.. I really wanna get bk to school 2morrow. I miss it, even tho its so exhausting. I gotta clean my room so ill write later or 2morrow. Night ppl. Much luv.


Monday, May 9, 2005


Okay, Today was a okay day. Had 2 hrs of sleep, Went to school, had fun. Had a cookie for lunch since we didnt have money until after I got home. We watched Romeo and Juliet in Mrs. Hall's class today, it was cool. Though I wish I could have stayed and watched more. I still need to write 1, 2, and 3 scene entrys for the play but other then that I have 4 and 5 done. As u can see i'm starting to write in this thing again. Sorry i've been so poofy lately.. But i've got school and a house to keep in order so sue me lol. Neways, its late and I gotta go so ill write something later 2morrow. Night! Much love.


Saturday, May 7, 2005

Mothers Day

Mothers Day. A day to appreciate the women who brought u into this world, lavished u with gifts, spoiled u til u couldnt breathe and the first and truest best friend ull ever find in all the world. The one who was there for u when everyone else turned there backs. The one who nursed u bk to health when u were sick. The one who kissed ur booboos better and gave u 7-Up when u had a tummy ache. The one who made u Mickey Mouse grilled cheese for lunch and was the first and only person to tell u to never give up and to always make ur dreams come true. For me that person is my mom. She raised me by herself for the first 5 yrs of my life until she met my dad :). I may not always treat her to the best of my abilities but hey i'm a teenager. She was my first best friend i ever and will always had and have. I've sent her over 10 E-cards for mothers day and wished her a happy one twice already. Truthfully, sometimes i take her for granted, not like i mean it, but sometimes she can get on my nerves, but shes still my one 'n only mom, always will be. Shes always been there for me thru thick and thin. What can i say? But that thru all my stressing and attitudes, shes stayed around and stuck like glue. So thnx mom for everything u've ever given me. Thank u for being there. Hope ur special day is well, special. Love u with all my heart. Now, who wants sum road kill for dinner? :P


Hey Ppl!

Hey Ppl, How are u all?.. Well i'm great thanks so much for asking.  Life has been more hectic then usual but hey, everything happens for a reason right? High School is okay.. i'm getting good grades for this last 4 weeks of school. Hopefully I can also pass my term exams, i need to in order to pass. Well, onto friends now. Lets start with Aram, hes no longer a friend, long story to which ill save for my next entry. Shae aka Kellz, always and forever a friend, miss her alot tho, I havent been able to stay on late enuff, in order to talk to her every night becuz of skool and what-not. I have my whole life planned out in my head. Around senior yr or the end of senior yr, Shae is gonna fly over here from Australia and live with me and my bestie skool friend Huart is gonna live with us 2, hopefully Alla (me and Shaes friend) can come here 2. That way, we can all go to college 2gether and live together for ever and ever lmao. Reason I say there gonna live with me is becuz my parents are moving away once I start college and they want me to have the house instead of an apartment where i am unfamiliar with the area. Neways! just had lunch, man are these noodles icky, makin me sick to my tummy. Okay.. I'm done ranting and raving, I guess ill make another entry either later 2dya or 2morrow for mothers day. Lada!


Sunday, April 17, 2005


Wow.. Hey ppl. I havent been able to update anything in ages. I do hope youll forgive me for me lagging, i didnt mean it. Lifes been good 2 me even tho I dont always think that. Skools fine.. I gotta raise up some grade but i got 5 wks to make sure there all in line. I turn 16 on Sep 19 and as the date edges closer i cant seem to keep still about it. I feel so old.. feels like yesterday i was about 7 yrs old being carried into the livingroom on my 2 twin brothers shoulders. Lol. Life has flashed by and when I graduate I plan on taking it in all at once. Bringing along my aussie friends Shae and Alla and hopefully my skool besties Vyanna and Huart. My parents are wicked ppl, dunno what i'm doin for my b-day but hopefully its full of fun and adventure surrounded by friends and family. My twin brothers have turn 20 this yr on Mar. 26 I feel for them. Lol. We have 3 new puppies and they grew within the first week, teething and everything we swear they've got to be mutants lol. Okay well.. sorry to disappoint but i gotta go.. ill write more 2morrow or somethin. Lada.