Saturday, May 7, 2005

Mothers Day

Mothers Day. A day to appreciate the women who brought u into this world, lavished u with gifts, spoiled u til u couldnt breathe and the first and truest best friend ull ever find in all the world. The one who was there for u when everyone else turned there backs. The one who nursed u bk to health when u were sick. The one who kissed ur booboos better and gave u 7-Up when u had a tummy ache. The one who made u Mickey Mouse grilled cheese for lunch and was the first and only person to tell u to never give up and to always make ur dreams come true. For me that person is my mom. She raised me by herself for the first 5 yrs of my life until she met my dad :). I may not always treat her to the best of my abilities but hey i'm a teenager. She was my first best friend i ever and will always had and have. I've sent her over 10 E-cards for mothers day and wished her a happy one twice already. Truthfully, sometimes i take her for granted, not like i mean it, but sometimes she can get on my nerves, but shes still my one 'n only mom, always will be. Shes always been there for me thru thick and thin. What can i say? But that thru all my stressing and attitudes, shes stayed around and stuck like glue. So thnx mom for everything u've ever given me. Thank u for being there. Hope ur special day is well, special. Love u with all my heart. Now, who wants sum road kill for dinner? :P



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aw how sweet I visit your moms journal and saw she said you did an entry. My daughter also did an entry in her journal for me. I put the link to it in my entry about mothers day. Of course I just did the entry yesterday since she graduated from Homeschooling at a big ceremony Friday. But you can check our her graduation at my journal and see her mothers day entry too linked from mine. We moms love our daughters.