Saturday, May 7, 2005

Hey Ppl!

Hey Ppl, How are u all?.. Well i'm great thanks so much for asking.  Life has been more hectic then usual but hey, everything happens for a reason right? High School is okay.. i'm getting good grades for this last 4 weeks of school. Hopefully I can also pass my term exams, i need to in order to pass. Well, onto friends now. Lets start with Aram, hes no longer a friend, long story to which ill save for my next entry. Shae aka Kellz, always and forever a friend, miss her alot tho, I havent been able to stay on late enuff, in order to talk to her every night becuz of skool and what-not. I have my whole life planned out in my head. Around senior yr or the end of senior yr, Shae is gonna fly over here from Australia and live with me and my bestie skool friend Huart is gonna live with us 2, hopefully Alla (me and Shaes friend) can come here 2. That way, we can all go to college 2gether and live together for ever and ever lmao. Reason I say there gonna live with me is becuz my parents are moving away once I start college and they want me to have the house instead of an apartment where i am unfamiliar with the area. Neways! just had lunch, man are these noodles icky, makin me sick to my tummy. Okay.. I'm done ranting and raving, I guess ill make another entry either later 2dya or 2morrow for mothers day. Lada!


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