Sunday, April 17, 2005


Wow.. Hey ppl. I havent been able to update anything in ages. I do hope youll forgive me for me lagging, i didnt mean it. Lifes been good 2 me even tho I dont always think that. Skools fine.. I gotta raise up some grade but i got 5 wks to make sure there all in line. I turn 16 on Sep 19 and as the date edges closer i cant seem to keep still about it. I feel so old.. feels like yesterday i was about 7 yrs old being carried into the livingroom on my 2 twin brothers shoulders. Lol. Life has flashed by and when I graduate I plan on taking it in all at once. Bringing along my aussie friends Shae and Alla and hopefully my skool besties Vyanna and Huart. My parents are wicked ppl, dunno what i'm doin for my b-day but hopefully its full of fun and adventure surrounded by friends and family. My twin brothers have turn 20 this yr on Mar. 26 I feel for them. Lol. We have 3 new puppies and they grew within the first week, teething and everything we swear they've got to be mutants lol. Okay well.. sorry to disappoint but i gotta go.. ill write more 2morrow or somethin. Lada.


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