Saturday, September 17, 2005

Just Breathe...

I'm sorry I havent been here.. that I havent kept up with this Journal but school has started back up and i've been quite busy. First off: Say a prayer every night for those victims of hurricane Katrina's wrath.. they didnt deserve it. Send money.. even if its just spare change.. c'mon ppl spare money its not gonna put u on the streets if u do so stop being so dang selfish. Second: My birthday is on Monday Sept 19th. Yay. I get to go out to dinner this week with my parents and friends to celebrate. Thirdly: School's been a blast, my friends are there and I joined this wicked club for anime. It rawks muh sawks. I've written some poetry and i'm starting my story again. I may even post them on here.. not like anyone comments but atleast I kno ur taking time out of ur boring lives to visit this Journal. If u happen to find some intrest in this then please leave a message and dont worry I wont be holding my breath.

I'm not a silent person, I'm very outspoken, if u have a problem with that take it up with my sidekicks Casper the Friendly Ghost and Badtz Maru. Right now i'd like to catch u up on past events. I am currently a sophmore at TCHS. I hate that its got puprle in the school colors but thats not the point. My bumbble bee bear has been chewed and is dirty due to the puppies curiosity. My cd case is a bit bare and I'm running out of room in my poem book. My grades are ok, altho Biology and Spanish could use a bit work. There F's but dont fret for I shall raise them and pass 10th grade. My rooms a pig pen and my hair could use a bit work but thats ok. Its stuffy in here and I have a hunch the A/C has frozen. The dogs are sleeping and the cats are getting on my nerves what with them wanting to sleep on my ass and neck and what not.

My papa and nana moved down with my other half family and miss me and my mum very much. My brothers are twenty and still act like lil kids when it comes to my mum. I got engaged over the summer to my friend Joshyz online cuz he lives up north and then we broke it off cuz it was better to be friends then to be friends with matching gold and silver rings slapped onto ur fingers. Aunt Dot passed away and I miss her very much. I hope Stretch and Shelia are doing well.. after all it is there mother. Wow, I think this is by far the longest Journal entry I have ever had. Hm, hope you learn to enjoy it. Neways, i'm getting sum heart-burn right now so imma grab me sum Rolaids and hang with the mumzy. Lada.


P.S. Tell the ppl u care that u love them everyday. Dont forget the occasional gifts and special kodak moments. BTW: Spend ur kids inheritence... they can make there own money workin at McDonalds complainning how much there backs hurt and that there under paid. Bye!

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