Friday, July 15, 2005

He Likes Me..

Ok ppl.. I'm starting my journal bk up.. so yay! Lol. Neways.. I kno this great guy (i've dated him b4) Neways he still likes me.. always has i'm guessing. He wants to come here to Florida to hang with me and my parents isnt that so kool? Hes 18.. graduated High School already (I have 2 yrs left, not counting this yr). His name is Jackie (He doesnt tell many ppl that lol I feel for him) He has a stable job but no car yet. His parents... well I never met them but whatever. Hes got a sister and a niece whos blind, says he'd do anythin for that girl omg thats so cute. Lol. I just called him J or JD('Jackie Dean' Groff Jr). Hes really sweet 2.. he may look all thug and punk like but hes got a heart of gold when it comes to someone he cares about. Ok.. Imma go.. leave sum comments bout this if u want.. ttyl!


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