Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear World The Sun Is Shining...


How is everyone's week going?
Cause mine is going great!

Today I'm going to be making more
cookie jars than I will know what to do with.
And tomorrow I shall take over the world!
Not really but cha.
Tomorrow me and mom are supposed to be going to see
Despicable Me (hence the yellow font for the Minions)

Aren't they adorable?
Anyways, she is supposed to be preparing herself to go.
And when we go, I will buy her Jujubes Candy

And a giant bucket of popcorn with the drink of her choice!

And then we will come home and I'll stick her feet in epsom salt cause I know she'll be hurting but damn it she'll be happy about it!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


1 comment:

ELLIE said...

dearest daughter - you are a sick child - just remember that - the minions will be around - and I do not like jujubies - but I could go for raisinets~!~
love ya