Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear World I'm Afraid of The Dark...


20 minutes ago, I headed off to bed, went to the front door like I usually do to make sure it's locked and that nobody is outside.

Though this time, someone was. I thought it was dad heading back to his truck (b/c all I saw was the silhouette of someones back) well I saw their cell phone was lit up, yet dads cell phone is tiny and the screen is the size of a quarter, this screen looked like the size of an iPhone.

So I called dad to check where he was at (meanwhile I hid around the corner out of sight from the window) as the man moved from view and dad thankfully picked up.

Me: Dad where are you?
Dad: Near I-4 why?
Me:.....Because somebody just walked across our yard.
Dad: From the corner to cut across?
Me: No.. like they were at our windows and doors.
Dad: When did you see them?
Me: 2 seconds ago. I saw them, thought it was you like maybe you got locked out, and decided to call you and check..
Dad: Alright well you got the dogs there, they won't let nobody in, just go to your room, turn out the light and scan the yard I'll be home soon
Me: Alright, but dad that really scared me
Dad: I know just keep the dogs near you.
Me: Alright, bye.

Now. If you saw some strange figure, walking away from your house, how the hell would you feel?
I don't know about you, but I'm still shaking.

Dads on the phone again and wants me to go outside and check out the perimeter of the house. Screw. That.

I need a giant teddy bear, a shot of Jack Daniels, and the nearest kick of a gun in order to have enough calmed nerves to even attempt doing that.

I hate the freaking dark!
I'm scared of the dark.
I'm scared of spiders and damn-it I'm scared of freaky-deaky lurking larky figures stalking the perimeter of my house!

It doesn't make me feel safe. Not one bit!


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ELLIE said...

my dearest daughter - nothing will happen to you - I am sorry it scared you so much - but truly what idiot would try to come in the house with 8 rotties - I think they would invite them in but they would never get out alive - do not worry - dad came home quickly and all is well!!!