Saturday, September 11, 2004


Like my kitty?.. hes so cute and chubby.. maybe I should feed him.. hm.. yeah.. Ate pizza.. my favorite food :P Puppies had fun today.. they attacked me and the other dogs.. chewed on there stuffed toyz and fell asleep.. My mom also has a journal online the link is on the side bar if u'd like to check it out.. It's kool.. atleast I think so.. I'm doing a report on Greek Gods.. Aphrodite is my favorite Goddess.. She's the goddess of Love.. and thats one powerful gift.. as I always say.. Life Without Love Is Not A Life At All.. one of my fav quotes.. like it?.. thnx didnt kno ya had it in ya :P Neways.. Pups r up and feedin.. gonna go play with them.. well have fun.


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