Thursday, September 23, 2004


This is Kelli aka Kellz.. one of my besties who was born and raised in Australia... shes outta town for a few days and i miss her!.. i'm friggin bored.. nobody to talk to:( See we planned this whole Roadtrip like.. 4 months bk.. with me my mom, her and another friend in Australia named Allana.. they have to get $2,000 each and me and my mom have to buy a black or red Jeep Wrangler.. I found a small dealership who have several Jeep Wranglers... one problem.. I have no drivers license and no money.. I dont have a job so i cant exactly buy the Jeep.. atleast not yet.. and I dont wanna have to pospone on them or even cancel cuz then they'd be upset and disappointed and I really dont want that.. i'm cravin for this roadtrip.. I need it to tell the truth.. time to bond with my best friends and mom even tho me and my mom are unseperable... my mom and dad are good with this roadtrip..but my dads got sum messed up memory.. i've told him about it a million times and he says no its not ok to have this roadtrip.. that I should wait til i'm like 20.. but my mom wont be around that long..and i'd like to show her the world before shes taken from me.. see.. she has COPD.. its a lung cancer basically.. and.. the more time that I dont get the money I need is the more pieces of her are taken day by day.. and it kills me.. so.. hopefully.. my aunt will be able to pay me soon and I can start savin up.. becuz I watch her son.. my cuzzin for 5 bucks a day.. altho i'm thinkin of raisin the price to 10 dollars a day.. its a good deal..  :P ok wish me luck on this whole thing.. ladaz


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