Saturday, September 11, 2004


Mom was a cheerleader!!!.. my gawd!.. I mean.. do u have ANY idea what that does to my gothicness?!.. it messes it up!.. my mom.. jumpin around in a bloody skirt wavin her pom-poms.. and at a cathlic skool 2!.. dear lord what the heck was she thinkin?!.... *sigh*.. she also told me that she was watchin a chip commercial and she wasnt payin attention but she bit her finger.. but.. c'mon guys a friggin cheerleader!!.. there so... preppy.. and ugh.. pink.. and OMG!'s.. its like.. ew.. and whats wit there hair?... and there nails?.. cathlic skool!.. can u believe it.. i mean.. what the heck were they cheerin for??.. ping-pong??.. GEEZ!.. i'm done whinnin.. ok.. yeah.. goin now.


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