Friday, September 10, 2004

Just Lookin

Today mom and dad and maybe me r going to the bank to cash moms check, then we'll prolly go out to eat.. the birds are annoyin me to death, my b-days in 9 days! *bouncin round* tehe yayness! cant wait.. luckily i didnt ask my brother Eric what he was gonna get me for my b-day cuz.. if i did i'd prolly get mooned again lol... but my bro Allen said hes thinkin.. i knew i smelt hair burnnin :P Andy Roddick lost at the open :'( so he doesnt get to defend his title soooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Over it now lol ^_^ Um got homework to do :( its not fair.. lol I thought doin homework was ova when u got into homeskoolin but I guess not lol.. been homeskooled since 7th grade.. lets put it this way.. 2 many kids and only one teacher.. not enough one-on-one attention. I'm hungry.. think ill bug mom so i can go with them to the bank and go out to eat :D Ok I had my fun on my first entry..lataz


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