Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Happiness, Sadness & Pain I Feel

I have 5 mins until my birthday.. but.. do u ever feel as if.. some parts of ur family have turned there bks on u?. like they could care less that its ur b-day?.. well.. s'how I feel.. my aunt has left earlier today for the weekend and personally.. I hate her for it.. I'd never miss her b-day or Anthonys.. i'm sick of her excuses.. i'm tired of her period.. my parents have decided to kick her out and i'm all for it.. she doesnt even pay rent.. we support her and lately shes shoved our phone bill up beyound belief.. I'm holding so much pain inside of me.. She's just like my biologicals fathers side of the family.. shes just like them.. useless and disappointing.. we've given her everything.. asked for nothin in return but that she help out with the house.. she's done nothing.. shocker hm?.. she may have planned my 12 b-day.. but missing my 15th.. kills me.. she didnt even remember.. my friends remembered.. ones who have went to bed wished me a happy b-day and ones who have yet to come on promised me they'd sing for me.. others said they'd be the first to send me a e-card.. good friend huh?.. my mom and dad remembered.. my bros remembered.. but she didnt.. and it hurts.. i dont need presents.. or a fancy dinna to show they remembered.. I just need a happy b-day from them..or a card.. even a card they made will do.. but nothing at all break my heart.. she'll never know how truly much she hurt me.. she'll never know what its like to be forgotten.. so I thank all my friends and family who remembered me on my special day.. and I say thanks alot to my aunt and the rest of her family.. for absolutely nothing.. all the birthdays missed.. all the holidays passed by.. and all the luv unshowed.. u never know any1 until ur darkest of days do they truly show there true side when u need them the most.. wishme luck on my special day becuz thats all I have left to say


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