Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear World Let Me Fill You In...


So let me fill you in on whats been going on.
(Yes I should be in bed.)

Alright, so, I belong to this club called GSA.
Gay-Straight Alliance
I love it. Its where I met all my incredible friends.
Yes there are straight people in our club.
Their all really awesome.

Two weeks ago we organized an event for Tra
ns-gender Remembrance Day.
It turned out really great 25 people showed up all together. Granted some couldn't stay for the entire event but that's okay. We had food and drinks and even watched two movies based on real life stories. One was called:
Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story
and the other was:
Boys Don't Cry

In the end we had a candle light vigil. Which was very beautiful by the way.

Right now I'm doing okay in Pre-Algebra and Essentials. I need to pass both with a C or higher. Pray for me.

Ceramics and Design class however couldn't be going more great. I love them.
These classes are all so great it makes me all happy inside just talking about them.

Thanksgiving was fulfilling as always. Loved it. It was my first official mom says cause I cooked for it. Mom and dad helped of course. Perfect little elves that they are =D

So in two weeks I'll be taking a bunch of final
s and I couldn't be anymore nervous than I am right now just thinking about it.

Newho I should really get to bed. Gotta be up at 8am. Class at 10am.
Sweet Dreams. Happy Holidays!


Ps. Sorry for being gone so long.

Catch up:
1) I turned 20 years old (Yikes!)
2) I didn't go to HHNs
3) I cooked Thanksgiving dinner
4) I made some awesome stuff in ceramics. (Pix will be up next post)
5) I have other yummy things to show you. (And no they did not come from Bubbs earwax eewwwwww)

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