Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear World Your Marshmellows Are Burning...


So yesterday while eating din-din I bit my tongue.
And not the, "Ouch I just bit my tongue."
More like the, "Holy crap I bit my tongue and its bleeding

and I think some skins missing."

Which is what happened.

So tonight we had Ni Hao for dinner.
(Thats Chinese food)

So heres some photos I've been promising.
I hope you enjoy.

The mug I made for dad.
And yes, it does say, " Brew For Balding Men."
Mug I made for mom.
And cha, it totally says, "Ellie Queen Bitch"
Tea set I made for mom. Japanese inspired.
It says "Peace"
The quartet of monsters.
I made them up in my head.
The baby monster.
I made this one for a professor who took ceramics with me.
Her name is Cathy, she teaches math, and shes awesome.

Isn't it adorable?
Looks like its singing don't it?
"La lala La LAAAAAA"

I absolutely love the wings on its back.Its Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.



1 comment:

ELLIE said...

WOW - you are the creative lil bug aren't you - but as always - I just love the way your mind works and I love all the stuffies you made for me and I just love ya~!~