Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear World of Christmas Koozies and New Years Fabrics...


Whats up guys? How was your Christmas break?
Mine was awesome. So.. finals...
I failed one class.
It was either fail Essentials or pass Math
I chose Pre-Algebra.
I passed Design with an A.
Ceramics with a B.
Pre-Algebra with a C.
And of course failed Essentials with an F.
So that means I'm on my term 1 probation.
(Which means I have to raise my GPA, it went below 2.0 its like 1.97 right now lol)
So I have to fix it during spring semester which is fine. Ill do my best.

Besides that Christmas rocked. (aside from a few arguments)
I made mom and dad their very own mugs.
Made mom a Tea Set. Its an aqua kind of blue (New Blue)
with wax resist to spell out 'peace' in Japanese.
She loved it.
I also got her a book called Evidence of Angels.
She didn't stop reading it til she was done.

I got dad a book on Bobby Bowden on how he built
a football dynasty. He has yet to read it but says all it
needs is Bobby's autograph.

Dad got mom a bunch of felting tools, wool and molds
to start herself on some new project.

Mom got dad Bubba J from Jeff Dunham :)
He wouldn't stop squeezing the poor doll just to hear it talk.

Mom and dad got me a Supernatural necklace. Its got the
guys photo on it. (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles)
The 67 Chevy Impala they drive and a pentagram for protection.
They also got me season 1 & 2 of Supernatural.
And a desk Easel for me to use for my art work.

Awesome right? Cha. I know it is.

So did I tell you the good news?
I ran for Vice President of GSA
I was nominated President
And won.

So I am now the President of GSA
(Gay-Straight Alliance)

Oh and Sammie is totally gonna move in with me.
Send her graphics work to Hollywood. Get all
Rich n Famous and have Jared Padalecki in her bed by tea time.
Freaking, genius plan, right?
Course it is, I thought it up.

So.. did I miss anything?
Leave anything out?

Oh I was accepted for the Work-Study program at Valencia.
Which means I work, get good grades and get paid for it =P I know I rule.

As for my new years resolution:
Lose 50-100 pounds.

So I hope every enjoyed their Christmas festivities.
Happy New Years everyone :)



"If the people we love are stolen from us,
The way to have them live on, is to remember them.
Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever."
-- The Crow

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