Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear World of Apple Pie and 66 Risings...

I'm sorry I haven't been posting or been around that much.
Things have happened, college got hectic and life slipped away from me.

Let me tell you a little bit about whats been going on.

I failed Algebra. Again. For the second time.

I'll have to retake the class. (Yes that means its required)

BUT! Financial Aid is no longer an option.

No I do not need to tell you the reason that's my business.

I would like to take out loans but I don't have a job and
I do not want to disappoint anyone when I cannot afford to pay them back when the time
finally calls for it.

Fat Louie went on vacation. He's back now. (Yay!)

He got a tan. (Pictures will be up soon.)

Supernatural is incredible.
If you watch it (which I highly recommend that you should)

You should know by now that its totally and completely--amazing.

Bubba J is alive and well. Hes sleeping right now.

Lazy bum.

I passed my drawing class.
I don't know about Freshman Composition tho.
Still waiting.
For both of them to give me word on my grades.

I realized that I never finish what I start.

Like, my senior scrap book. I entered two pages and stopped.

My room, had a few things to pick up left em alone and now its
to its disaster stage again. Who'da thunk right?

Nature Photography went great.

Loved it. Loved everything about it.
Yes I will post pictures soon.

I've got to put my signature in them so nobody takes em first!

Anywho, I haven't been to bed yet so!
I will end
my rant here and continue some other time.

Heres some links to find me at:
(Yes I have facebook, just type in

Have fun.

Rawk on.


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