Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear World Of Back In Black Lovers..


So, here I am sitting in the library looking like a mega dork.
These are the times I wish I had bad eyes so I could wear glasses and complete the look.
Then again that would mean I fall into the category of my family: Dorksters.
And I like to being a plain ordinary dork.

So your probably sitting there reading this and wondering what the heck am I rambling about?
Truth is, I have no friggin idea.
Just randomness.

So, last nights Supernatural.
Dean slept with an angel.
Is that a sin? Or is it just a piece of angel food cake?
Or even a slice of heaven only temptation can bring?
I have no idea. Either way it was a pretty sweet scene.
If your not watching this show already I suggest you buy the first 3 seasons and get your ass caught up cause your missing some seriously good yummyness.

Anywho, Fat Louie is getting restless as I have taken away his AC/DC music.
He seemed to be dragging away from his studies and good grades comes before good music.

Well newho, now I have to pack up and go home.
Try not to go skinny dipping without me.




ELLIE said...

you are too much - getting a little wacky there - I think hanging out at the college library has affected your brain somehow!
At least Fat Louie had a good day!!
He said to tell you he does not like ACDC music!!
Love Ya - THE MOM

Anonymous said...

just got blog back up and running. i posted a few pics from Halloween night. check it out when you get some time
stay true~