Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello My Dancing Fairy Loveable World..


So, yesterday, Sam received her gifts and I'm so happy.
I loved buying her things but I really hated them being here with me.
So afraid they would break or get ruined via my dumb dogs.
But she got on her web cam so I could see her reaction to her gifts.
It took a while for her to get the box open.(Shes blonde like that.)
To see her struggle was pretty funny.

So I bought her some random trinkets.
Mostly POTC. Like I got her POTC locket bracelet it had Johnny's picture inside.
She said I should have put my photo inside.
To be honest I couldn't find a picture small enough.
And I also had never thought of that.
Didn't think she'd want me to do that lol.
Got her a light up Jack Sparrow pen.
Lip Balm.
The key to unlock Davy Jones chest to his heart.
She said she felt cool.
Got her a POTC band.

Then came the tube.
Good. Lord.
I thought she was going to hyperventilate.
First she pulled out the drawing I did of her and Tom Felton together.
Since she's never gotten the chance to really meet him..
I decided I'd give her a memory she could never forget. =]
Its black and white and took me more than 3 days to do.
But the look on her face. Was totally worth it.
Then she pulled out the Rolling Stone poster.
She loved it.
Then came the finale.
The glossy 13x24 I think poster.
Of the Jonas Brothers.
That I told her I hadn't been able to buy.
That I was sorry.
I think she almost passed out at that one.

But she totally loves me for it.

So, onto some more things.
I have a presentation due in two weeks.
My group will be meeting tomorrow in the library on campus to work.
Wes (one of our teammates) will probably flake out on us.

So, I was on youtube. (When am I not?)
And I couldn't help but want to desperately share some videos with you.

I thought this was truly: Incredible.

Okay, so my whole family knows I'm obsessed with Supernatural.
It is officially my cocaine.
And this gag was just.. too funny.

This is possibly.. the most random--ess. Funniest thing ever.
I love FND Films. Go Fronk!

So now that my little out of nowhere rant it over.
I must go to bed.
Be good.

One day I'm going to marry Jensen Ackles.



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ELLIE said...

Can I just say that you are the strangest child I have ever known - but you crack me up every time!!!