Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear World...

Hey Ya'll
Here's the pictures that are a month over due.
This is Bubba J--my robo dwarf hamster.
He doesn't like his photo being taken except by mom.
He more often then not runs away from me -_-
Which is incredibly annoying.
But isnt he just the cutest damned thing ya ever did see?
Fat Louie has returned from his vacation. Seen here sunbathing.
Heres Fat Louie pictured climbing a steep unstable tree in none other than the backyard--where he took his vacation.Fat Louie would like to express the fact that the dogs look utterly pathetic standing at the fence and barking. But he applauds their efforts none the less.

Fat Louie about to hang out with his buddies--the Rotties
He played with Athena and told her some secrets and jokes.He got special protection from Raccoon.
Raccoon also wondered: Does Fat Louie not have legs? Or is he wearing a giant robe to hide them under?
Raccoon is happy to have a new friend. Raccoon--ever watchful. Raccoon says: I can has cheeseburger?! He then got sniffed by ZZTop. Who admired his unique scent. Fat Louie then fell down and Speedy gave him
a couple overs to make sure hes okay.
Now that he's been checked and confirmed to be fine.. Fat Louie would like to know why the hell Speedy is licking her lips. This is LT aka Big Head aka Little Thor "LT". And he is happy to see you. Yes. You. Not not you. The one with the taco. Yes! YOU! This is Lil Bit. Bathing outside in the sun and showing off his tonuge and the enormous fun that is him. He said to say: What is up my homie G dawg? Athena says Hiya! In't she cute?! Fat Louie would like to go inside now. He has seen enough nature. Getting his photo taken with AJ like the paparazzi on Britney Spears. Fat Louie chilling in the recliner wrapped in moms Gator blanket and sunglasses getting ready to watch a high definition movie on Dish Network. Hope ya'll enjoyed seeing Fat Louie again. Cause he sure missed you. So I've got to go make dinner now.



ELLIE said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT~!~ I think we definitely have a zoo but an ever so cute one~!~
thanks for sharing those pics!!
love ya~!~

Marilyn said...

I really love the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.