Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear World I <3 Vampires...


So I've been watching this incredibly awesome show.
Its on
And its called I <3 Vampires.
It stars 4 people.
The two main characters are Corbin and Luci.
Their obsessed with vampires and totally in love with them.
Wyatt is their next door neighbor college drop-out.
Although he's very handsome.

Anyways I can't give too much information.
Yes I know I didn't mention the fourth character
but if I do I'll be giving away too much.
You'll just have to go check it out for yourselves.
Trust me you'll love it.

And did I mention that the people who watch it (the fans)
choose what happens in the show? Yeah, the fans are the directors.
After every episode theres a challenge.
And thats when you submit your ideas and are eligible to win prizes.

This weeks prize is a 300 gift card for Urban Outfitters.
Now the people who actually film and produce the show choose the winner.
But the person who submits a story that the fans like also wins a prize (this week its a 50 dollar american express gift check.)
But sadly their story wont get used in that episode because
its not the fans choice to pick its the shows choice.
And there can only be one grand prize winner.

Either way its pretty cool and fun.
Hope you'll sign up and submit your submission.
Only 2 days left to enter.
And yes its free!


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ELLIE said...

I believe that going over that deep end is arriving sooner then you think - LOL...I am glad you like that show tho I still think you are strange!! LOVE YA!!