Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dear World..

Spring Break has come and gone and tomorrow school starts back up. Oh goody. Watch me gleam with excitement. Puh-Lease! I was so getting used to sleeping in and not working my ass off with stress. Now I'm forced to go back into that vastly large campus and try to prove myself good enough for college. Ugh. Why can't they just let us off for a bit more? I hate going to school and learning crap which isnt fun to learn. Unless its art and writing. Then i'm interested.

Thor. My dog. My rottie. My annoying pest. Has torn up my room. Worse then it already was. He found a bottle of cough medicine and decided to paint my bed with the red liquid cause he thought it would be so cute to show mommy his art work for when she returned from laundry and cookin food. Oh joy. Then he tore up the garabe bag I had filled cause he wanted to help mommy dispose of its evilness. Psh. Now I gotta clean all over again and do my best to clean my bed so I can sleep in it.

So.. How was your spring break? Work? Beach? Sun? Great. Good to hear it. I think I'll try laying in my bed now.. Night world. Remember. Its not whats under your bed you have to worry about. But whats on it. Like a pest of a dog who thinks its cute to dye mommys bed pink. Grr.



With love,


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jibaro6543 said...

you crack me i know why you were screaming at Thor when you went back to your room....see there is a lil devil inside that big head of his....
thanks for the laugh