Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dear Forgotten World..

I wont count the ways but I will fill you in. Me and my long time boyfriend Zakry have split around November.. lol. I ended it. He wasnt commited enough and basically abandoned me already so yeah. Neways. Schools been okay I guess. We've had FCAT and SATs will becoming up next yr(My senior yr). & Then its onto my ACTs which sux. All these tests and for what? To prove to the state that your good enough to getta scholorship and go to college free of charge? No thanks. I'd rather pay. Plus.. Acandemics have never been my strong suit and for that I have alotta regrets. Sometimes I think what if? What if I didnt screw around at school BSing my way through just to graduate and making my moms proud instead of busting my ass studying away and possibly making top of my graduating class. I'm a smart kid. I could if I wanted. I just, Its alotta stress. And half the time i feel so tired. As if I were weak and its really annoying. I think ill go into night school and summer school. Work my ass off and prove I'm good enough. I know I dont have to prove anything to anyone. But this time I wanna do it for me and only me. And a lil for mom so I can hear her say shes proud of me. I think it would be the first time I'd hear her say it and when she does I know i'll cry. Omg Imma be a senior. I'm turning 18 in September and my brother AJ is taking me to a club to celebrate. Awesome right? Lol. I'm dragging my friends along. No way am I being left alone while he gets all the attention of ppl who catch his eye. Wow. I'm getting old. Snap. Crackle. & Pop.

I have new best friends. Dont get me wrong Sherri will always be my sister/best friend. But these guys are really important to me. Amanda is in 2 classes with me. Marine Science and Ceramics3. Me and her are obsessed with Harry Potter. Seriously its like religion for us. If they had a church dedicated to it me and Amanda would probably be the leaders of it before anyone else. Shes probably the only girl at school that gets me. Ya know? Vee... Shes. Shes not the best of friend. And shes not reliable or a good listenner and when you try to tell your probs in confidence she changes the subject. Its like she could care less. Neways. Onto Sam. Shes very cool. Shes probably helped me more then she knows but hey who hasnt helped another in some way. Me and her are both very obsessed with POTC and HP. & Asian bands/dramas and movies. What can I say? Their irresistable. But yeah. Sams muh best friend. She gets me in more ways then you know world. Ha. Girl meets World. Awesome.

Wow. I dont think i've ever written this much before but hey thats okay. Did you know theirs 3 different kinds of Rootbeer? Yeah. Theirs Barq's. Mug. and the cheap-o you buy at Publix to save you sum cash. All the christmas lights in my room went out so now I have to replace them. Yes. Fascinating isnt it?

The puppies are all snuggled deep in my bed under the covers sprawled out in comfort. Brats need to move their butts cuz dang i'm tired. Hm. My sneakers on the desk. And the other one is under the desk. I have no idea how it got up here. Maybe cuz I'm too tired that I cant remember. God. Gotta upload these pics from the cam. I'll do it tomorrow. Too tired right now.

I gotta clean my room. So messy. Theres even a pizza box sitting ontop of the monitor. & A plate from tonights dinner. Lol. Sucha messy kid aint I? Ha. Theirs a sock sitting on the laptop case. Haha. Wow. Randomness.

Wow. Do I even have clothes for tomorrow? Shiznit. I hadnt even though about that. Oh well.. Ill worry bout that tomorrow.



P.S. MUG is the better Rootbeer.

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