Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear World The Pizza Is Cold...


How is everyone's week going?
Cause mine could not be going any better!

My classes are locked in, FAFSA is approved.
Work-Study is still going strong and for now I am still President of GSA.
And after I get my refund from Financial Aid back my older sister, April and I
will be ordering our tickets and going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure
and I honestly cannot wait. Its going to be so much fun. I can fell it. :)

Right now I'm at work, but I love it. <3

I know some people don't like work-study cause you can only work
20 hours a week but ya know what, if your approved for it and you get hired, its money coming in every other week. I know some also need more money than what it pays but c'mon. Its better to have some kind of cash in the bank than none at all. Live it up people!

Thinking of going to Pulse this Wednesday for college night.
Hang with friends for a couple of hours. No drinking of course. :)

Anyways, I should get off now, my brother AJ should be here to pick me up
in about 10 minutes and really I just want to go home, eat a slice of
Dominos pizza and hang out in my room :)

Be good everyone!


1 comment:

ELLIE said...

I can't wait until you go with your sister also - I know you all will have an awesome time~!~