Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hello My Fanatically Crazy World..

I'm back, sorry I haven't posted in a
while but I've got a lot to share with you today.

So! On October 9th me and dad attended Halloween Horror Nights.
It was.. incredible. (A birthday present from mom and dad for me =] )
The houses, the scare zones, the rides, the scare actors. It was just all so amazingly incredible.

We had express passes of course, got to go to the head of all the lines but there was a catch we found out on the Simpson's ride. We could only use the passes 1 time, per ride and house. Anything that had a line we could only use our passes once for them. Which was gay because we wanted to go twice on that ride and we couldn't unless we wanted to wait in line for like 35 minutes like everyone else. NOT.

I didn't get any pictures worth showing so I just snagged the ones from the site but here they are, some photos previewing Halloween Horror Nights--Orlando, FL. :

Reflections of Fears was obviously Bloody Mary. Most... intense scare house of them all.
She is the definition of fear. In the beginning you see her office.. normal. Then her co-workers. And the patients. And the tests. And the loophole of them having to face their fears over and over was just..freaky. Let me tell you. That narrow hallway with the mirror? So....NOT.
It was a mirror and then it was gone. And she was there. I wasn't paying attention so she got up in my ear and said: "Look at me." I didn't. Those 3 words had me shoving dad forward to go faster and get the heck outta there. Scared me to bits.

Now, Dead Exposure had me laughing my freaking butt off. Dad was in front of me. I was holding onto his blue backpack. (He got it for free at the entrance.) 2 Girls and their guy friend were huddled behind me. WELL! We get in. The photographer is checking the windows. The doors. Making sure everything is locked. Why do you ask? Well carnivorous man eating zombies are right outside and he's the only human left. We are there to live through his terror. We do. Zombies pop out of hidden places and scare the foshizzle out of the trio behind me. And every time they get scared who do they latch onto? Me. It had me laughing my butt off. I wasn't mad one bit. It actually was a lot of fun. If I could have I would have done it all over again with the same people. That crap was hilarious. They tackled me about 6 times. Had me rolling the whole way through and when we came up on the end..(the zombies got in and ate the poor photographer) Those three could not have moved any faster. It was to die for. Literally. Dad and me saw a zombie at the door(hidden of course it was hard to make him out but since we saw him he didn't mess with us. So dad.. walks really slow(yeah he knew those three were all up on me) and while the trio 'ews' their way through his innerds being eaten raw we exit through the door and WHAM! The zombie jumps out and they tackled me. Again. I almost fell over but it was the funniest thing thats ever happened to me. They kept apologizing afterwards. Their guy friend even scolded them: 'I can't believe you. You basically mauled that poor girl down!' Greatest. Experience. Of. My. Life. E.V.E.R. I could not have thought up anything better to do than enjoy that laugh worthy memory for the rest of my life. It was great.

If one of you three are reading this now. I'll be there next year! Feel free to scream, latch on or tackle me whenever need be! That was just... the highlight of my first time there. Thanks.

That's all for now I think.
Maybe when I wake up later I'll post some more.



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ELLIE said...

I guess I picked the best birthday gift then - teehee - so glad you loved it all!!!!
love ya - MOM