Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dear World Though You May Not Be Listenning...

My junior year is coming to a sad yet impatiently waited for end. THANK GOD! LITERALLY THANK GOD! Senior year next year is the last year I will ever have to step foot in TC and I cant bloody well wait!

I'm not saying that junior year wasnt fun at times and made me happy but being annoyed by super dumb freshman can be a hastle... especially when they force the population of our HS to reach over 4200 students. It makes it harder to get to classes on time and makes it unbearable to fit in.. anywhere.

But other then the ordinary drama of ur mommas so fat jokes moving on.

Like tailgating jerks who think their sooooo great.

Or dogs that just dont listen to a dang word you say.

Newho.. I think that bout sums up what i've been doing.

Summers probably going to suck because I have to take summer school.. but the upside is I get to stay with my grandparents for a week or two which is pretty sweet. I miss them so much you have no idea how hard it is being away from them. I miss helping Papa clean the pool and helping Nana cook and set the table. I especially miss hearing her yell at the TV at game shows and soap operas that were filmed years back. It may not sound like much but now that I think of it.. I miss it. It was weekend routine with them. And I really miss it. I miss the way Papa smells of Old Spice and the way my Nana laughs cause its just so darn cute. I didnt realize it but now I do.. I realize how much I depended on those moments and memories. And now thats all they are.. memories. Atleast until I visit them XD.

As the TMNT's say: Kawabunga!!

Mothers day is coming up. I didnt buy anything for mom instead I made her this AWESOME monkey out of clay.. i dug a hole in the top so that she could either put pens or pencils in it or even a candle!

She really likes it.. which kicks butt cause it makes her laugh everytime she sees it or thinks about it. Now all we have to do is name him. You can see a picture of him on her journal.

I made more jewlery this week. I think they rock and will soon post them up to begin selling them. Apparently me doing so is REALLY big on the market, which is cool with me if ppl like my stuff.

I'm going to be driving soon. Haha. Watch out old people here I come!.........................................................ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am totally doing that! I HAVE too. It would totally be a waste of asphalt if I didnt. Lol.


Newho I think this concludes my boring yet hoo-ma-rous rant.

Til next time my little tacos...

I like your pants around your feet

I like dirt thats on your knees

I like the way you still say please while your lookin up at me

Your like my fav damn disease...




jibaro6543 said...

you are just toooooooo crazy...but I love it!!!!!!!!!
-The Mom

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Congrats and enjoy your senior year...TerryAnn