Sunday, May 7, 2006

Life and Sweet Revenge

Well.. Truth be told.. I tried my best. Life been hectic and I'm sry I dont keep my losey promises of keepin up with this journal. I'm tryin my best to hang on strong. Really I am. But its not easy with an pr!ck for a dad and an ass for a brother named Eric. I cant wait til Zak moves down. Maybe then ill actually be happy again. I miss being happy. It used to feel good being happy. Used to feel good when I knew ppl at school were actually my friends and not sitting there talking about me every chance they got. But imma show them all. I'll make them regret the day they met me next year. No more being picked on, no more being shot down and made out as a joke. Screw them all. I'll show them all and laugh in their faces like they did mine. Gonna change over the summer. Gonna be a whole new person. Have all new clothes to show my new self and a new attitude. I'll rise above them all and make somethin of myself. Now all I need is someone to cheer me on. Cuz if I dun have that, I'll lose all modivation. G2G. Ttyl Bai.


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