Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey guys.. I'm bk hopefully for good

Hey guys, hows it goin? Happy B-lated V-day! SO! BIG NEWS! I got a new boyfriend so yeah me and Jack broke up long time ago, Shaes not my friend anymore and Sherris still living in Georgia but the best is that I got Zackary now.. Zak for short. Hes 18, blue-eyed blonde, built and lives in KY for now. This summer he's moving here and i'm counting down the days. He graduated from HS at the age of 17, has a certification in Welding, machines and has amazing Grandparents. His mammaw is an old lady who can still hold her own when it comes to playing cards, his papaw is a tough oldie who just a big bear underneath all the tough guy exterior and can't stand when Zak scratches his truck up or gets it stuck in a hole while mud bogging with it. He can never keep a 4wheeler, dirtbike or go-kart in one piece and always gets what he wants. Though his ego may be big his hearts even bigger. He calls my mom, mom, and cherishes like a queen, i know if he had it his way he'd make her illness go away. He's already scared to death of my dad and all he's heard is his voice over the phone. He's not a bad person but hes had a rocky past, tho thats me and his buisness so forgive me for not diving into further info. He told me he loves me a couple wks ago and I kno I dont show it but I am fallin for him aswell. I'm not used to guys feeling the same way and to tell the truth it freaks me out to know somebody cares about me so much. Maybe I'm a bit doubtful that its real and maybe I'm just scared to death of actually being loved instead of being used like all the past guys. Neways I think I'm done ranting for now, if I keep going I'll be able to send it in as a novel. Lots of love. Lada.


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