Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear World The Cookie Jar Broke...

I know it's been a while.
But at least I am still here.

Work is actually fun here at the college.
So are my two classes.
Okay only one class is fun, the other is boring.
(It's Algebra)

I know I could have graduated a while back,
but not everything is that easy.
Math--in whatever form it decided to show its
ugly face in--has never been my friend.
We've had some mild flirting but nothing really serious.
Blame it on the liquor. (J/k)

Anyways, if anything ever went according to plan..
we'd be pretty boring.

I am writing a new story.
Yes, I will be posting the other.
No, I'm not posting the new one.
At least, not yet.

So, nobody warned me how crappy the parking is here.
I mean seriously, after all the money the college spent
repainting the stupid lines and redesigning a whole new parking lot..
you would think they would cater to the students. Give us
the closer parking spots.

I'm currently parked all the way out
at building 1. While I work in building 5.
Seriously, Valencia, fix this.
I know its a great work out..
but damn.

I must get back to work.
And then algebra class. -_-
Maybe I'll be able to post later.


1 comment:

ELLIE said...

hey girl - yes the parking has always been bad at Valencia - you must get there earlier - but anywho - did the cookie jar really break - darn it!!!
love ya and where is louie?