Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dear World I'm 18 Years Old Now..

My birthday has already come and passed this September 19th. Now it being October 2nd it has been a while since my last post and that I should have blogged about my birthday when it happened instead of weeks later. But things happen, life becomes fun and soon enough your consumed by your own happiness or even tragedy. Well mine was happiness. I had a great birthday. Friday my parents, me and 2 friends went out to dinner at Fridays and had a great time. I highly recommend eating there atleast once in your lifetime. Its sooooo good. The workers sang to me. Including this really cute guy who made me blush big time by singin: "Someones cheeks are getting red!" It was funny. Fun. & Embarassing. But I loved it. At school it seems the majority of people who go there have a September birthday. Which is weird because September has always made me feel special and with everyone floating around with balloons just like mine made me feel less special. Until ppl I didnt even know wished me a happy birthday. It was nice. I came home happy. 18 can you believe it? I cant. I dont even feel 18 but yep I am. Its weird.

Hi mommy! I know your reading this and thinking. "What a blonde, didnt even mention her own mother." HA! Totally didnt forget you. Thank you for seducing the milkman and conceiving me. It should have won you a grammy but meh Hollywood doesnt pay attention to things like that. Apparently teddys can get you a long way when Milkmen get bored onna hot day. Haha. Love you mom. Thank you for everything you've ever done.

So my dear world of caring readers, forgive me for not blogging as often as I should or as often as others like to but this year its all about studying and getting straight A's or A's & B's. Gotta be impressive for college aps right? Forgive me for future mishaps and stalls where I barely get on to update you. I dont mean it. I'm just busy. So goodnight. Sweet dreams. Rock on.



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