Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So, hows life? Bet its good. Mine not so much. Zaks moving down soon. Sherri and me are trying to stay in contact but with the distance its not that easy. Her mom lost her job, her dad doesnt work and apparently her mom hasnt got off her ass to get a new job. Sherri says she hates it there. She has one friend there and I have none here. Least she has some one. I dont even get to take a walk around the block for some time to myself! I'm trying to get Sherris mom to let Sherri move in with me. Sherris miserable in Georgia and I'm miserable here in Florida. Their gonna lose the house that their in right now if her mom doesnt get off her ass and do something meaningful like get a better and bigger paying job. But no she'd rather sit at the computer all day and bull*%#! around. How do I kno shes always on and never job searching? Because shes on my buddy list and Sherris always talking about that when we call each other. We cant even call each other anymore because her moms cell phone has been shut off and their long distance has been revoked by the phone company. Now i'm waiting for Sherris mom to get offline so that I can call Sherri and tell her the brilliant plan I thought up. See Sherri and me are going to go to Valencia together so we can get into Writing. Were both brilliant at it and if Sherri doesnt live here in Florida during Senior year then Sherris gonna have to pay more money then she needs to in order to enter Valencia. So her mom will either A) Let Sherri move in with me Senior yr(1yr away) B) Move back with her tail between her legs or C) I dun have a C.. but if i did it'd be like the last resort for Sherris mom before i just gave up and kidnap Sherri. Wanna know my dreams? I dream of bigger things. Better. I dream of being a great Artist and an amazing writer. I dream of someday getting out of Florida and making those dreams a reality. I dream of going to Europe and living for once. I dream of loving, living, being, seeing, and never regreting. I dream of it all. & one day hope to have it all. I dream of making an impact in this world and leaving behind a legend of myself. I dream of everything and anything in between. I dream of dreams.


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